Big Farm Goodgame

Goodgame Big Farm

Big Fam immerses you in the world of building and farming. Become a diligent farmer, where you will have the task of raising various animals, taking care of them and providing them with the best conditions for the development of your farm. You will sell your products as best you can so that you earn money for the further development of your farm.

Online game GoodGame Big Farm

Big Farm Goodgame is a browser strategy played by millions of players around the world. All you need to play Big Farm is a web browser. Playing big farm is free.

Goodgame Big Farm

Immerse yourself in the world of Goodgame Big Farm. Grow your ingredients, take care of your animals and make it clear to everyone that you are the best farmer.


Goodgame Big Farm is online game from Goodgame Studios that you can play in full screen mode, called full screen mode.


What is the goal of the game?

The aim of the game is to build a big and successful farm! You can also produce and process a wide range of goods. In addition, you have the opportunity to create a production cycle, thus streamlining operations.

What do the symbols on the left mean?

Here you will find tasks and assignments from different people. With each new game content, you also get new tasks. After completing these tasks, you will receive great rewards. Therefore, it is worth following new challenges.

How are goods and products made?

Basically, the production of goods is very easy if you work a little on the farm. On the one hand, it is possible to use different seeds and sell finished products in their fields. You should also supply groceries and take care of the fertilizer needed for your sycamore. Nothing grows on the farm itself, but if you make sure all your production facilities are in operation, you are already in the middle of the production process.

How do I get gold?

There are many ways to get gold. You can earn gold as a gift for each new level. There is also the opportunity to win gold for everyday play. However, this only applies if you register for several consecutive days. You can also earn gold for hacks in the game, which you get as a reward. And if that's not enough, you can of course buy gold in our online store.

What are the benefits of garden tools that I can buy for gold?

The premium tools you can market offer you many benefits! E.g. You do not have any production downtime because, for example, you do not have to produce feed for animals in the mill. Premium food is ready, tastes good for your animals and is immediately available. Plus, you'll get even more experience. This means that you will progress faster in the game. In short, first-class gold instruments speed up the gaming experience and simplify many things.

Why can I improve buildings?

You should upgrade your buildings to reach their full potential. For example, your grinder will be faster after each update. Or your houses will have more inhabitants. The biggest advantage, however, is the space saving you compared to building a new building. There is limited space on the farm and you should make the most of it.

What can I do in management?

In management, you can monitor your goods and agricultural requirements. Here you can buy first-class agricultural products or sell your goods. In addition, the farm management serves as an overview of everything you need on the farm, such as leaves, manure, any feed or fertilizer. Here you can see everything at once.

How can I save or reuse decorations?

If you want to store the decoration in the warehouse, it must first be completely completed. Then simply click on the decoration and select "Save" in the circular menu. This will remove your decorations from the farm and add them to your inventory. To move it, you can reopen the inventory using the main menu at the bottom of the screen and from there reposition the decorations on your farm.

Why do I need workers and how do I keep them happy?

If your employees are satisfied, you will save operating costs in each production. The happier they are, the better they work and the less production downtime. In case of dissatisfaction, production costs will also increase. It's very easy for your employees to be happy: thanks to the decoration, they want to spend a pleasant time on the farm to compensate for the hard work. Make sure you have enough apartments to provide your employees with a place to sleep, but keep in mind that apartments reduce employee satisfaction. So if you have many apartment buildings, always balance them with a sufficient number of decorations.

How can I expand my farm?

There are unused and weed areas of grass around the farm. If you click on the pointer in the middle of this area, you can buy this wild area for this farm and get a larger area that you can cultivate. You can buy it for a farm dollar or gold.